Welcome to the Renshinkan

Prospective Students

We are always accepting new prospective students.  We do not, however, have specific beginner-only classes.  Instead, one of our senior members will give you plenty of individual attention in the beginning to help you get acclimated while we work you in with the regular group as quickly as possible.

As is the tradition in classical martial arts schools, we are not a commercial business, but rather a dedicated group of students practicing what has been passed down from our teachers over the years. We are currently accepting new students to pass these skills along and keep the practice alive. Please visit the New Students page for more details.

If you have a serious interest in engaging in sincere spirit forging in a joyous environment, please feel free to contact us or come visit the dojo during training hours.

All students in good standing from any other Jiyushinkai dojo are welcome to train with us. We have no “mat fee.” We just ask that you let us know in advance when you are coming, how long you will be here, and who your teacher is if we haven’t met you yet.