Jūnanahon Kihon no Kata

This is a 17 technique kata (often simply called “The 17”), originally developed by Tomiki Kenji.  Note that if you have experience with Tomiki (Shodokan) Aikido, you may find our way of doing things markedly different.

The personality of this kata involves utilizing 先の先 sen no sen (early initiative) timing. We’ll explain what this means once you get to this point in your training.

The kata is broken into 4 sections. We will explain what each section entails, but won’t get into to details of each technique name because that needs to be taught as you’re learning the technique in order for it to really make sense.

当身技 atemi waza (striking techniques)

  • 正面当 shōmen ate (front surface strike)
  • 相構当 aigamae ate (matching posture strike)
  • 逆構当 gyakugamae ate (opposing posture strike)
  • 下段当 gedan ate (low-level strike)
  • 後当 ushiro ate (rear strike)

肘技 hiji waza (elbow techniques)

  • 押倒 oshi taoshi (push-topple)
  • 腕返 ude gaeshi (arm-return)
  • 引倒 hiki taoshi (pull/draw-topple)
  • 腕捻 ude hineri (arm-twist)
  • 脇固 waki gatame (flank-lock)

手首関節技 tekubi waza (wrist techniques)

  • 小手捻 kote hineri (forearm twist)
  • 小手返 kote gaeshi (forearm return)
  • 転回小手捻 tenkai kote hineri (turning forearm twist)
  • 四方投げ shihō nage (four-direction throw) — formerly called 転回小手返 tenkai kote gaeshi (turning forearm return)

浮技 uki waza (floating techniques)

  • 前落 mae otoshi (front drop)
  • 隅落 sumi otoshi (corner drop)
  • 引落 hiki otoshi (pull/draw drop)