Musubi Renshū

結び練習 musubi renshū – [“knot forging-practice”] this is an exercise that teaches you to deal with another person delivering force into your body.

  • 外押し出し soto oshidashi – outside push-outward
  • 外絡み soto garami – outside wrap (entanglement)
  • 逆外押し出し gyaku soto oshidashi – opposite outside push-outward
  • 逆外絡み gyaku soto garami – opposite outside wrap
  • 内押し出し uchi oshidashi – inside push-outward
  • 内絡み uchi garami – inside wrap
  • 逆内押し出し gyaku uchi oshidashi – opposite inside push-outward
  • 逆内絡み gyaku uchi garami – opposite inside wrap