What is “Renshin?”

The word renshin holds particular significance to us, not only as a reminder of where we come from, but also of what we are working toward.  The name Renshinkan comprises the following characters:

renRen is a metallurgical term that refers to forging. As repeatedly pounding heated iron refines and tempers it, so is the student refined and tempered through repeated proper training. Ultimately, the student will become their own anvil, hammer, and fire.

shinShin means heart or spirit. Shin is also significant in that it is a character that is also used in the name of our family, Jiyushinkai. This character was specifically chosen to show our lineage and direct connection to our family.

kanKan means hall or building. It is a commonly-used suffix in Japanese dojo names.

One way to translate Renshinkan could be “The Hall of Spirit Forging.”